At Step Internet, we pride ourselves on the depth of our marketing expertise and our ability to offer our clients the full package. This enables us to find the best, and most effective solution, for the marketing needs of any small business in London and throughout the South East. As a part of these, we have a range of additional digital marketing services that our clients can choose from.

Facebook Advertising

No matter how clever or effective the idea, marketing only works if it reaches the right audience. Facebook advertising is a chance for your business to market directly to one of the biggest audiences there is using proven channels.

Facebook advertising is a cost-effective way of producing targeted advertising that leads to effective results. We use this valuable tool to produced tailored campaigns that are crafted with your audience in mind. These campaigns will aim to generate new leads, boost sales, and promote your brand.

Content Creation & Blogging

Content creation and blog posts are a versatile and effective way to reinforce your marketing goals and strategies. They serve to develop your brand identity, improve the user experience on your website, increase SEO and amplify the effectiveness of your marketing.

However, it’s something that many small businesses can struggle to find the time and the resources for. We offer carefully calibrated and tailored content creation services that help to make your business stand out.

Display & Retargeting

It’s common practice for customers to search for services, visiting a number of different sites and return later to their preferred choice. Or for them to look at a site and remain interested but leave without completing a purchase at that moment.

A retargeting campaign takes advantage of this and ensures you reach that audience. Retargeting works by tracking those customers and then prompting them with advertising or marketing related to your services. Essentially, it’s an unobtrusive reminder or prompt, one that can be an effective way of improving your conversion rates and sales numbers.