Quality web design is an asset to any business, but as a service, it is surprisingly underappreciated! With website builder template apps (think Wix etc.) convincing people that designing a website is a basic job, it’s not difficult to understand why. Therefore, we have created this blog post describing why a professionally designed website is so essential.


Before we go into detail about the differences between a professional, agency-built website and a template-based website, it’s important to bear in mind what having a website is all about. Your site acts like a shopfront to your potential customers. So, do you want would-be buyers to be welcomed with a sleek, and inviting user experience, showcasing your products and services, or do you want them to peer through your window into an unfurnished showroom, where it is difficult to work out how to open the door to get in!!


You can have the very best product and services on offer, yet if consumers struggle to browse the site, or is simply put off by the low-budget and also unsightly website layout, then they are likely to leave your site and head to the competition.


A great website is an advertising and marketing tool by itself. The goal of a site is to attract visitors and also convert them into delighted customers. That’s why an investment into a well designed professional website design is a great plan. Template website builder apps, do not have that goal in mind, they are simply there to give a business a very basic method of visibility online.


Nowadays, people have much shorter focus periods than ever before. This means that as quickly as they arrive at your site, not only will they make a judgement concerning your company, they will certainly determine within secs whether they will continue to browse the site, or hit the back switch and locate a competitor on Google with a more useful and also appealing website.


It is important to keep in mind that with template website building sites “free” does not always mean that it costs nothing! Free will typically get you the most basic plan, and you will certainly wind up being billed for things you might have thought was a vital part of an internet site for any organisation.


For example, when you search for Wix, the very first result states “develop a free website with Wix”. Nonetheless, they provide a wide range of paid choices, and four “premium” registration plans; of which some still present “Wix Brand name Advertisements” when you’re actually paying for the website. That’s not something you will receive from a professional web design agency.


If you are a small local business, or just at the beginning of the start-up process, then opting for a “free” template site builder may be your only route to launching a site at the moment. But in the future, when you have actually established your brand name, you can think about introducing a new site that is much more specialist, and tailored to your demands. This is where we can help – contact us on 020 3940 5000 or [email protected]