With no events being held, plus lockdowns and social distancing measures being in place for pretty much all of this year, digital content has become the best way for brands to reach and connect with their audiences in 2020. This has been good for creativity and as every brand has been experiencing those same limitations, we’ve seen some interesting trends make their way online. Here are some of the best trends we have seen so far…


Long-form video content

Long-form content has the benefit of letting the narrative breathe and build. You can add richness to a story and weave in key messaging in a more authentic way. A layered story allows you to pull in your audience slowly and ultimately leads to more meaningful brand engagements. Which is what it’s all about, really. Right now, brands are becoming more and more invested in increasing their brand favourability. This creates a powerful and positive connection with their consumer.


Entertainment and Humour

Because of lockdown, people have been at home way more than usual and screen time estimates have increased to over 13 hours per day compared to the 10 hours per day this time last year. So, not only are brands being welcomed as a guest into our homes to ply their wares, they are practically changing into their onesies and getting comfortable! Pair this with the fact that people are being more careful with their money due to job uncertainty, there’s a real shift in how brands are speaking to their audience. It’s less ‘sell, sell, sell’ and more ‘step right up!’, with a real focus on this trend of entertainment and humour.



TikTok really has been the star of the lockdown show. Unpolished and goofy with a general trend towards the subjects not being afraid to look silly. It’s the opposite of hard selling and it has made it clear to see we have witnessed the next step in the authenticity evolution. In a few years time, being unapologetically goofy and honest will be the next trend in branded content.



Webinars became something to do, while we whiled away the hours. With most people at home, with working remotely or furloughed, that time off was an opportunity to learn new skills and listen to other people’s stories in a way that they maybe wouldn’t have been able to do in a pre-lockdown world.


User-Generated Content (UGC)

During lockdown, brands relied on user-generated content like never before. This because they didn’t have their usual set-up for creating content themselves. But it’s not just brands that have needed UGC content during this time. Audiences needed it too. With all of our social plans cancelled for most 2020, we’ve all been looking for human interaction.


With the covid vaccine now an active fight against the pandemic, we are all waiting to see how these changes alter our “new normal”. However, there’s no need to worry about missing out, it will all no doubt play out online.