Step Internet partners with UK builders - 11/10/12

Our work with small businesses allows us to keep tabs on industry trends, and it appears that building firms are increasingly looking to go online.

Just recently, it’s been a privilege to create fantastic new websites for the likes of NLS Builders, Jacksons Building Contractors and DC Building and Decorating. We’re confident each firm will reap the benefits of partnering with Step Internet in the months ahead.

For NLS Builders, we sought to establish a professional tone of voice for the website. In terms of the visuals, we chose a clean black and white interface which looks modern and user-friendly. What’s more, the client provided us with some fantastic home renovation pictures from the Cambridgeshire area.

Meanwhile, we created an eye-catching website for Leicestershire-based Jacksons Building Contractors. We went with big, bold pictures to illustrate the company’s plumbing, roofing and renovation services - to name a few. The white background provides a lightness of touch, whilst the gallery features a number of project images.

And finally, we launched a sleek and contemporary webpage for DC Building and Decorating. The site demonstrates the north London company’s building services in a fresh, easy-to-read format. Customers will find the website easy to navigate and a helpful point of contact.

We like to do our homework when it comes to learning about each client’s products and services. Depending on your preference, we’ll arrange a quick telephone consultation, or send a business questionnaire via post or email. This way, we can compile the essential information with regards to your ideal website design, domain name and content.

Undoubtedly, many building firms are looking to establish a professional online presence. If you think your customers could benefit from your business getting a website, don’t hesitate to give our friendly support team a call.