Small businesses ‘must embrace the internet’ - 26/11/12

Any business owner who doesn’t have a website might want to check out a recent report from Lloyds Banking Group. The study - released earlier this month - describes exactly how SMEs can capitalise on emerging digital opportunities. At Step Internet, we spend so much of our lives promoting the benefits of going online that it’s fantastic to see someone else do the talking for us!

In summary, the report showed that more than a third of SMEs in the UK aren’t yet online, despite the tangible rewards at stake. The benefits of going online, according to Lloyds, include increased sales and developing a broader customer reach.

Specifically, it found that 78% of online businesses save time due to automation and electronic communication. Moreover, 51% of respondents reported an increase in sales, whilst 54% enjoyed improved levels of customer interaction.

“There is no avoiding the fact that the internet is part of everyday life and is an essential ingredient of business growth,” said David Oldfield, managing director of Lloyds’ SME banking department. “It is clear that when businesses do go digital, the rewards come quickly.”

There’s no doubt that getting a website can boost a business’s sales potential. Considering the general increase in computer literacy, there is an ever-expanding market of web-savvy consumers. At Step Internet, we’ll help you reach out to these customers and ensure your company will be visible on Google for the long-term. Getting a new business website could be the best decision you ever make.