How Step Internet is connecting with clients via Twitter - 15/10/12

At Step Internet, we believe it’s important to engage with the wider world and build professional client relationships. That’s why - as you may have noticed - we’ve been tearing up the internet with our new Twitter account.

We believe social media provides a fantastic sounding board for client feedback, and we want to be on-hand to deal with any direct queries during working hours. So if you have any feedback, or if there’s anything you’d like to know, get in touch with @stepinternet on Twitter or visit our new Facebook page. We’re passionate about establishing small businesses online, and of course, we always welcome suggestions on how we can enhance our service.

For anyone visiting our Twitter page, expect plenty of updates about the websites we’ve been working on, not to mention sales offers, competitions and a litany of puns, riddles and shout-outs.

We encourage our clients to get involved on social media themselves, as it’s a brilliant way to keep up with what your customers are saying. For our part, we’ll make sure you can link your business website to your Twitter or Facebook page, allowing you to connect with your core audience. There are so many opportunities to develop an effective social media presence, and Step Internet is always available to advise you at every step of the way.